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Our Story

At Transformative Technologies, we are passionate about the education industry. Hence we have created platforms and services that help educators teach and students get the best of learning to create a better futue.

Our Vision

To enable educators and institutes to focus on the best thing they do.....teach. Our LMS platform takes care of the heavy lifting of running your business operationally and profitably.


An artificial intelligence (AI) enabled LMS that helps educational and coaching institutes run digitally. It increases your revenue, manages business cycles, and lowers operational costs exponentially.


How it works

Student Information System

Inclite automates the entire student-life-cycle in a University, School, Institute; recruiting, admission, curriculum, ID Card, e-learning (LMS), homework, attendance, exam, fee tracking, schedule, transfer, termination and more. It is secure, robust, and 24x7 accessible for students, parents and staff from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Classroom Management

Like a Google Classroom and Microsoft OneNote, Inclite features inbuilt classroom management tools to bridge up students & educators, manage curriculum & lesson plan, LMS, online exam, Homework, and more. Teachers can monitor each student progress; whereas, parent can also observer their child’s progression through the academic courses/ curriculum

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Integrated Communication

Engage parents, students, teachers/ faculty, and staff with advanced self-service communication tools such as ‘Connect With Us’, App notifications, Email, WhatsApp and SMS. Easy to create events, workshops, fests like Literature Fest/ Financial Literacy Fest/ Maths/ Science Olympiads/ Hackathons, special occasion personalized messaging template and trigger notifications/ communication in bulk.

Inclite Assessments

Bring your examination online. Conduct 1000's of tests with one click. Auto check and report generation. Customize and personalize layout, logo, content and make an engaging/ attractive template format to generate in bulk, different types of certificates such as mark sheets/ report cards, transfer & leaving, excellence, awards, grade book, and more.

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